Member Portal FAQ

Posted By: Andrea Waner AHCJ News,

To tackle some of the most pressing concerns associated with launching a new membership portal, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions for member troubleshooting.

What email address should I use to create my profile?

To create your profile on the AHCJ member portal, use the email address that you previously used to apply for membership to AHCJ. Our new database — Novi — is set up to detect current AHCJ members during the registration process.

However, if you type in your email address and do not see the alert (pictured above), don’t panic. You can either reach out to to verify the email address associated with your account or can continue with registration, and AHCJ staff can do their magic on the backend to align the records.

Where did the info from my profile in the Freelancer Directory go?

This is a great question. We know that you rely on the Freelancer Directory to connect with others in the field, that’s why we made it a priority to improve it. Much of the information in the old Freelancer Directory was out of date and hard to navigate. So, within Novi, we are starting fresh. Once you are logged in, navigate to the Member Compass™ section on the member portal and click on the Profile tab to make your edits. In this area, you can fill in as much — or as little — info as you want to be displayed in both the Member Directory and in the Freelancer Directory. Anyone has indicated that they are "freelance" rather than "affiliated" on their membership application will automatically be included in the Freelancer Directory.  If you would like to be excluded from the Freelancer Directory, please email

Have my AHCJ member benefits changed?

Not at all. In fact, they’ve become easier to take advantage of. After receiving and analyzing responses to the April 2021 membership survey, it became clear that many members didn’t know about some of their AHCJ membership benefits and suggested a more prominent display of these benefits as a way to recruit and retain new and existing AHCJ members. The new Novi member portal will do just that.

Can I get an invoice for my membership dues?

Absolutely. AHCJ Members can print open, overdue, and paid invoices from the Member Compass™ section of the member portal. Once logged in, you will land on the Member Compass where you can click on the Account History tab. From there, click the View/Print button.

I don’t want my contact info showing in the Member Directory/Freelance Directory, how do I remove it?

The Freelance Directory is visible to the public so editors and fellow reporters can contact freelance members. If you would like to remove your contact information, please email with that request.

The Member Directory, however, is more locked down. To view any contact information for AHCJ members, you must be logged in to the member portal and be a current AHCJ member. If you would like to remove your contact information from the Member Directory, please email with that request.

For more info on setting up your member account, check out this helpful article from Novi: