Reporting on Violence as a Public Health Issue: Field Trip

Go behind the scenes at the University of Chicago Medicine — one of Chicago’s busiest level 1 trauma centers — to learn about the experience of patients who’ve been injured through intentional violence and the hundreds of people who care for them.

This rare, deep-background opportunity is designed to educate health journalists about the inner workings of a busy, urban academic medical center and will include a chance to “see” the typical route trauma patients might take through a hospital. Pending availability (due to patient care obligations), this may include trauma bays, emergency departments, a helipad and ICUs, plus conversations with ED doctors, trauma surgeons, violence recovery specialists, critical care nurses, social workers and others who work around the clock with patients and families.

  • Absolutely no photography, videography or audio recordings will be allowed

  • No identifiable patient information (PHI) will be shared during this visit.

  • Prior to arrival, all participants must sign paperwork agreeing not to disclose any incidental PHI they may encounter during their visit.

  • Masks must also be worn at all times within medical center facilities.

A shuttle bus will leave the AHCJ conference hotel promptly at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 28. A box lunch will be provided to eat on the bus. Field trip participants should expect to return to the hotel around 5 p.m.

Due to the unique nature of this field trip, a limited number of spaces are available. Journalists who wish to do follow-up, on-the-record discussions about topics they’ve learned about during the visit should contact UChicago Medicine’s media relations team to facilitate those interviews.