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Mailing List Rental

AHCJ rents member mailing labels a limited number of times each year to nonprofit organizations that meet our fundraising guidelines. Mailing labels can be helpful to an organization that has ready-made brochures with too much information to fit into a newsletter advertisement. AHCJ must see the proposed mailing before it can be approved. Each payment allows one-time use of these addresses. They cannot be resold, shared or entered into a database. AHCJ does not share email addresses or phone numbers of members.

Please fill out the form below and send a sample of the mailing (pdf format) to to order mailing lists.

By submitting this form, you are accepting the terms for use of the AHCJ mailing list:

1. List renter and mailing house will not use this list for more than one mailing (this includes no follow-up)
2. List renter and mailing house will not give or sell this list to anyone else
3. List renter and mailing house will not add this list to any database
4. List renter will supply a copy of the mailing to the AHCJ office

Price: $5,000

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