Membership policy guidelines

Generally, membership can't be extended to anyone who:

  • works as a public relations professional, whether agency, institutional or government,

  • pitches stories to news media or oversees anyone who does, or

  • writes for an internal newsletter or website that does not seek external viewpoints.

The membership committee makes decisions on applicants that do not fit neatly into the professional, associate or allied categories. There are four questions used to help determine whether you are eligible for membership. The questions are helpful to our membership committee in reviewing applicants.

  1. Do you pitch stories to the media, do media relations or oversee anyone who does?

  2. In the articles you write or edit that appear in your publication, on your website or are aired by your organization, are you limited from seeking out points of view different from those of your organization or from people unaffiliated with your organization?

  3. Is your primary role to create or oversee promotional material for your organization?

  4. Are you a health care provider or do you provide consulting or other paid services to health care companies or advocacy organizations?

If answering "yes" to any of these questions, you will be asked to briefly explain.